Figures on nails: nail polish mode Spring 2012

StyleThe models on nails keep long enjoyed fine popularity. A new season for the exceptional case can also be used geometric patterns, dry flowers and delicate lace even now. The most fashionable will be complex drawings on a nails, which request a certain level of skill the author. For this reason, a self manicure practically impossible. It is best to seek the help of an experienced professional.So an example of such complex designs may lead lace pattern that looks like a present delicate lace. Lace is often supplemented by various sequins and crystals.2010 is a year of a tiger, how also in the mode figures on tiger theme.Similar posts:Style Gerls's summer wear for any timeFashion Emphasis nudity: fashionable summer dressMode Styles summer sundresses. Читать полностью -->

Coat of black and grayStyleA most trendy colors of the period were sable and gray. They are universal and fit for anything. These coats look more elegant. You can be worn each time. This style is devoid of any frills, but a coat looks more chic. Delete the black bloom of his collections failed a style designer, however a elegance and simplicity are yet in vogue. Читать полностью -->

Gucci: hairstyles fall 2012

VogueHairstyles with Gucci - it's polish and short-coiffed head fluffy tail. Pay attention to a organic. No pins. A tail is braided locks of your own. But how a style accessory Gucci suggests using colorful decorative feathers.A tail tease or make a spiral perm. In a case, the contrast 'tween a strong and accurate volumetric tail head obvious.  Same posts:Vogue Autumn Style: Girls hatMode Fall Vogue 2013: Women's coats, ponchos and jacketsFashion Summer 2012: The basic fashionable colors. Читать полностью -->

Coat of sable and grayFashionA most trendy colors of the period were black and gray. They are universal and fit for anything. That coats be much elegant. You may be worn every time. This fashion is devoid of any frills, but the coat looks more elegant. Delete the dark color of his collections failed any style designer, as the elegancy and simplicity are still in vogue. Читать полностью -->

StyleBloomers this year immensely popular. You came into vogue in a last time and are yet at the peak of popularity. Salwar kameez can be stitched out of various substance. For example, silk or coarse cotton safari-fashion.  Alike posts:Style Fabrics, colors, silhouettes this fallStyle Have ready for summer: mode ornamentals. Summer ornamentals: bags, scarves, sunglasses, jewelryFashion Gerls's summer clothing for each time. . Читать полностью -->

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